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Corporation identity Story

Dansuk is the pen name of our former president, Han Joo-il, and means 'ruby.' Rubies, as is well known, are called corundum or beryl. They symbolize sustainable and peaceful life and it is characterized by corundum jewelry's excellent feel and hardness, a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, which is right next to Diamond.

Our symbol mark has the initials (DS) of the company along with arrows pointing to the outside on both sides, which indicates the future of the company marching into the world, and the overall appearance looks like the chemical formula of benzene, the main business area of Dansuk Industrial.

Symbol mark


industrial 55th anniversary Emblem

The emblem of Dansuk Industrial celebrating its 55th year since foundation was designed with the symbolic motif of Dansuk Industrial’s CI. The symbolic number ‘55’ shows the strength and vigor of the company with three color gradients that indicate the unification of Dansuk Industrial and our future preparing for our 100th year in 2065.

Symbol Mark